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Sola Macaulay is a woman who loves the magnificence of our everyday God. The God who is involved in the tiny details of our lives; yet is the Creator of our measureless universe. She is passionate about helping people embrace and understand God in simple ways. She is a graduate of English Literature with post-graduate studies in Human Resources and Leadership Development. She is a Professional Editor, Book Coach/Mentor and Author. Though introspective, she is a lover of life, worship, long walks, music, chocolates, humour, family and friends. Graceful Simplicity defines her. She is married with children.


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Non-Fiction Editor

The difference between a good and great book is professional editing. Professional editing transforms your draft into a well-crafted, powerful, and error-free book. When you work with me, I will smooth out your writing and provide the critical commentary you need to take your manuscript to the next level. My Manuscript Editing service combines developmental editing and copy editing to improve your draft by cleaning up the writing so that you can concentrate on the creative process. As a non-fiction editor, I look at the support for your arguments, the organization of your manuscript, and the clarity of your prose. I review your writing for stylistic and mechanical issues, ensuring consistency and providing constructive feedback and careful proofreading.

Creative Writing Email Course

This course is conducted by e-mail for those who want to learn at their own pace. Students receive one lesson per day for 10 days. Here’s what to expect from this course: 1. Understanding the basics of Creative Writing. 2. Preparing for the Writing Journey. 3. Understanding the Creative Process. 4. Scheduling & Integrating into the Writing Lifestyle. 5. Outlining your book. 6. Writing your first draft. 7. The process of Rewriting. 8. Basic English Grammar. 9. Self Editing your book. 10. Preparing your Manuscript for an Editor. 11. Understanding the Publishing World. COMING SOON!!!

Non-Fiction Book Coaching

The writing profession can be a lonely one. I work with authors from conception of their idea to completion of a book while I also double as a bonus editor. I am basically your writing partner. I believe in helping writers raise their voices, and I believe that one of the best ways for them to do it is under the guidance of a book coach. As a private book writing coach, I will be there as a mirror, to reflect back to you what you are doing so you can see if you are doing it effectively, and to the best of your ability. I am here to help you write the best book you can. I will work with you to: 1. Draw out your ideas into a concrete book format. 2. Build your book map to capture all your book ideas. 3. Expand your book map into a complete first draft. 4. Self-edit to prepare your manuscript for professional editing.

From the backcover of my Latest Book

Trust issues! We all have them, and sadly, our world today helps propagate our fear of trusting anyone especially after disappointment.

But there is a God, and He can be trusted beyond all doubt and above all reason.

In The Hand You Hold, from The Trust Chronicles, there are first hand accounts of trials, disappointment, pain, and even death. But they are more than just stories written by women about trust issues. They are stories of a journey of trust and hope in the living God through personal encounters borne out of a relationship with Him.

These women who have shared from the core of their hearts have been stretched taut by excruciating experiences and have learned to grab hold of God’s hand.

Read, laugh, cringe, cry, be inspired, encouraged and, hopefully, find your own way to the throne of grace where there is always help in time of need. The way out of doubt, despair, confusion, and hopelessness is in the arms of the One who can be trusted; God whose HAND you should hold.


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