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The Navigator

The Navigator

I CAN NAVIGATE any route I choose to drive my daughter to school in the mornings, yet she would sit in the car and not fret one bit. She’s not worried about the route. She trusts me and knows that I would get her to school and on time.


Why do we fret when God makes a U-turn or navigates a meander in our lives?


The destination is fixed. He’s the driver, navigator and the destination. He knows where the potholes are, where the traffic is and where there’s a shoot-out on the street. Sometimes there are bumps on the road. Sometimes He wants to take a sharp bend on the road.


His plan is to get us safely to our destination.


Chillax! God is in FULL control. He knows every inch of the way. He has the experience and the know-how because He knows it all.

Enjoy the back seat, plus the air-conditioning, (Well, that’s what my daughter does.) and let God take the wheels.




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