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Trust issues! We all have them, and sadly, our world today helps propagate our fear of trusting anyone especially after disappointment.


But there is a God, and He can be trusted beyond all doubt and above all reason.


In The Hand You Hold, from The Trust Chronicles, there are first-hand accounts of trials, disappointment, pain, and even death. But they are more than just stories written by women about trust issues. They are stories of a journey of trust and hope in the living God through personal encounters borne out of a relationship with Him.


These women who have shared from the core of their hearts have been stretched taut by excruciating experiences and have learned to grab hold of God’s hand.


Read, laugh, cringe, cry, be inspired, encouraged, and hopefully, find your own way to the throne of grace where there is always help in times of need. The way out of doubt, despair, confusion, and hopelessness is in the arms of the One who can be trusted; God whose HAND you should hold

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