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Sparkle Writer Feature: Writer Spotlight

Sparkle Writer Feature: Writer Spotlight

Writers write for different reasons. Today’s guest writes to bring hope and redemption. Her name is Olusola Macualay and she is doing a phenomenal job. Enjoy her interview with us.

Hello Olusola, kindly tell us about yourself.

I am passionate about using my books to convey inspirational messages about redemption, hope, God’s grace and God’s love. I write in all genres, but currently my focus is on Creative Non-fiction. I have written three books and my fourth book, in collaboration with eight other writers.

I am working on two creative non-fiction books and a collection of fictional short stories. I am also an inspirational speaker, professional editor and a book coach. I am a graduate of English literature, with postgraduate studies in Human Resources Management and Leadership Development.

Besides reading and writing, I love to cook, watch movies, take long walks, dance and spend time in the company of my family.

What initiated your love for writing?

Growing up, it never crossed my mind to write even though I was a book nerd. As a voracious reader, books fascinated me.  Getting captivated by different adventures in make-believe worlds was much more fun than writing. When I did write, it was to the point. I loved brevity.  I also didn’t fancy restrictive rules.

I thought writing was tedious. The day my mother picked up on my writing proclivity from a letter I wrote to my pen-pal opened my eyes. She believed I could write and signed me up for a writing school, which unfortunately I never attended.

Writing became crucial whilst I studied English Literature at the university. The creative writing classes and assignments drove me to the pen. When I picked up journaling to unburden my vats of imagination, I discovered how liberating and easy it was to fill the pages with words that I once thought were a burden. I loved how the words flowed and I nursed the idea that one day I would consider writing.


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