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God is as close as your next breath. He hears your whispers. This is one of His most beautiful gifts. Whispers of the Morning is a journal filled with captivating stories, moving recollections, and thought-provoking short essays threaded together by the theme of God’s grace, showcasing His nearness even in the midst of your storm.
Sola Macaulay stokes your imagination and paints vivid pictures, reassuring the believer of ultimate victory. Whispers of the Morning reminds us that, although we must carry our crosses and endure many woes, adversities, and oppositions, God’s love for us is infinite. He provides the strength to endure. All we have to do is whisper, and He hears us.

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  1. Sola

    Sola Macaulay’s book, “Whispers of the Morning” is such a truly inspiring book. On vacation and reading it.

    In a hurry too as I will likely have to gift it to a young friend of mine who is going through much now to get her scars of battle… may it help her treasure them as badges of honor

  2. Olufunmi Olajoyegbe

    ‘Whispers of the Morning’ is what I call that early morning book that is the best read when you can take the time to read and ruminate over the lessons shared. Encouraging, inspiring and thought-provoking, it has been a somewhat profound and emotional read for me.
    Sola takes you on an introspective soul searching journey using her personal experiences and walk with God, to provoke you to think just a little bit deeper, beyond what appears, to what actually is. In her simple, candid and engaging way this read is a therapeutic journey that ultimately draws you to the heart of God.

  3. Samuel Ekundayo

    Whispers of the Morning, is a book written for the WOMAN. The Woman that works hard every day to keep her body, soul, and spirit in shape. The woman that is broken yet strong. The woman that has it all together and the one that is struggling to keep it all together. Whatever description fits the woman you are, this book takes you on an extraordinary journey of grace through life’s billows. A journey that emphasises God’s infinite and immense love for you in a very real and relatable way.

    From a collection of personal experiences she calls the ‘Muse’, to the ‘Pause’ reflection on God’s dealings and the ‘Parables’, expressions of true beauty within, Mrs. Macaulay, in this book, relays the essence of understanding that God’s presence is not something we go after, pick up and then drop it to pick it again later. God’s presence is in us, with us and for us. And no matter what we go through, even in our silent whispers, God is there and His grace is sufficient.

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