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I copied a friend’s Facebook status that read thus:


I don’t care if we are doing the exact same thing, the way we do it will be different and the fact that we both feel called to it is because God feels that we are both needed in the process. So competition is unnecessary. Collaboration is what we should be thinking about. Synergy is the word that should be in our hearts. I can not steal your shine, any more than you can steal mine or for that matter a star from the sky. Because that’s how high God places us. So sparkle! And shine bright! And never be afraid that anyone can take what’s yours. Just do you and be amazing!


Her status sums up my post beautifully.


We get pushed for time when we see others doing stuff that we hoped to be doing, have done or only just dreamed about.


Okay, so what if Suzy next door is doing exactly what you’ve planned and hinged all your hopes and dreams on? Imagine if there’s only one clothing shop, one supermarket, one of everything. How boring! How utterly odd life would be! ¬†How limited we would be without enough variety!


It’s okay if your grass is just as green as mine. I can assure you the worms, the slugs are different. In order words, there will be something different. That something is uniquely you. Really!


You make the difference, not necessarily what you do but who you are and how you do what you do, no matter how mundane or commonplace it is. That should be our focus. Truth be told, there are a million and one people out there doing exactly what we’re doing. Nothing new under the sun right?


But you’ve got your voice. You have what it takes to succeed at whatever you do regardless of how green the grass looks on the other side.


Here’s an Addendum: Celebrate your neighbours! Collaborate if and when you can. Be inspired by what they have achieved and be confident in knowing their success does not diminish or downplay your own success.


You’re uniquely you and in a class of your own. Celebrate you and get on with it!




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