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Just finished reading Petals of grace now. Couldn’t stop until I read the last page. Great work Sola. Looking forward to reading the follow-up books. More inspiration. I am so proud of you. Remi Bendega


Fantastic book you have dearie. Could not do school runs today cos I couldn’t put the book down and read till about 2 am. My oga had to take the kids cos I couldn’t get up. I plan to finish it tonight as I have been busy all day. Keep up the good work. The Almighty will continue to enlarge your coast.  Tunji Farinu


This inspirational journal is an eminently readable compilation of writings that teach profound truths through everyday life occurrences or situations that drive home weighty lessons for us all

Woven around the 3 themes of  Purpose, Love and Redemption, the ” 45 lessons’ (?)  as I choose to call them, bring out Sola’s unique perspective and shows us a woman very in touch with her emotions and a child of GOD with a sensitive spirit that is clearly attuned to the voice of her Maker. She writes beautifully in lyric prose and poetry to encourage the reader to hold on and hold out, to never give up just yet because you may be closer than you imagine and Her timely reminder also resonates for me – never mind what any one thinks, GOD thinks the world of you! Like her song also echoes – I love you, I love you, I gave my life to save you, she reminds us that HE loves us unconditionally and also that HE can use anything and anybody in whatsoever situation to help you or come to your aid, even if that help comes from the gutters….

A book I would term ‘unputdownable’, I started reading and could NOT stop until I came to the very last line! Sola draws you in from the very first page and keeps the reader entranced till the end with her relatable narratives and take away teachings. Like Sola, I am an apostle of practical Christianity, no high faluting theological musings for me, thank you! But show me love in action, and this she captures quite poignantly in ‘ a little mud and spit…’

I can’t wait for the sequel, and will book copies in advance, because her message is a critical one for these times for  our talented author  is on point with her exhortation – we MUST live purposefully, we must discover our purpose and we must all strive to attain our individual destinies.  She urges us to finish well no matter what, and her friendly warning in Decaf Coffee, warning us that sin is sin, is a clear admonition for us who name the name of the LORD to depart from iniquity and quit using semantics to justify what situational ethics is being used to do today. We must put away that which we should and live Holy because our GOD is Holy. My own prayer like her title aptly captures, is that we will continually encounter Petals of Grace along our life’s journey as we press forward for the mark of HIS high calling and may we hear HIM say those words to us when the roll is called up yonder – enter in thou good and faithful servant! Binta Max-Gbinijie


I wanted to finish reading Sola Macaulay’s Petals of Grace, before saying anything, but I have had to pause and say: congratulations sis on this wonderful offering into the world of books that make a deep impact. I am enjoying the reading and the anointing on this book is palpable. I’m reading the first part of the book where you have drawn such profound lessons about the love of God, from your interesting exchanges with your little girl. These lines from the chapter, And The Rhyme Goes, are just a sampler of the rich thoughts which you have expressed in this beautiful book: “Memories of days when things were simpler, you know, days when we were young and had no complicated thoughts, no convoluted ideas, no pretences, ulterior motives, or sinister diplomacy. People were simply who they were: people. Not necessarily rivals or archenemies.”
I can’t wait to finish this sis and thanks also for all the background support you gave while I was working on my own book, and for also taking out time to write a review, our back and forth email exchanges, and sharing your sincere thoughts. I appreciate that a lot. God bless this work and it will sure herald many others. Well done. This book by Olusola is a must have in your library as you will see how she goes about tackling the subject of God’s love, through her own experiences as a mother, and much more. AMB. Unyime-Ivy King

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