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My Books

Published in March 2015


Petals of Grace is a compendium of witty, lighthearted, inspiring and thought-provoking musings that will excite your imagination In the midst of life’s mundane offerings, make you pause as you tackle life’s challenges, bring a smile to your face, let a few drops of tears lighten your heart and yet stoke your desire for a more intimate walk with God.

Drawn largely from her own life and the world around her, Sola has flipped open several chapters of a journal that will bring out the child in you as it simultaneously reaches deep down to the restless, confused and hidden questions at the core of the human heart. In her musings, she has shown that we receive strength and can marry our human frailties with the love of God when we totally surrender and let God have His way completely.

As she deals with the issue of love, forgiveness, joy, fear and hope, she demonstrates that God’s love is perfect and unconditional when often times we choose to earn God’s love purely by an act of service. God’s grace, which is the pivotal point of the journal, is the reason why God’s love cannot be earned but received and embraced.

This is a journal of Hope, Faith, Trust and Love.

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Published in March 2018

God is as close as your next breath. He hears your whispers. This is one of His most beautiful gifts. Whispers of the Morning is a journal filled with captivating stories, moving recollections, and thought-provoking short essays threaded together by the theme of God’s grace, showcasing His nearness even in the midst of your storm.
Sola Macaulay stokes your imagination and paints vivid pictures, reassuring the believer of ultimate victory. Whispers of the Morning reminds us that, although we must carry our crosses and endure many woes, adversities, and oppositions, God’s love for us is infinite. He provides the strength to endure. All we have to do is whisper, and He hears us.



10 Lessons yesterday taught me is a collection of short witty articles about life’s little lessons and how we figure things out eventually. Themes like getting help, learning about true love, toxic friendship flow into topics like passion and grabbing hold of hope. Get ready to be inspired, amused, motivated and challenged. Chew on these bite-size chunks of wisdom and enjoy your life. Click here.



ANCHORED BY TRUST, ten amazing stories of TRUST. 

Do you believe God can be trusted wholeheartedly? Sometimes we trust God and sometimes we have a second option because we’ve been disappointed in the past and we are afraid to trust anyone, including God. God, however, is very reliable and trustworthy. He is such a loving father; He meets us at the very point of our need as He reassures us of His steadfast love and His faithfulness. All He requires is for us to trust in Him and watch Him unleash His might and His power in our circumstances. We are women who have navigated those treacherous paths of life. We had moments of doubts, when hope slipped through our fingers. But when we chose to place all of our trust in God, He came to our rescue because He is a faithful and loving Father who is worth trusting. Walk with us as we walk you through our trust process. We have come a long way from uncertainty to absolute trust in God. God is worth trusting. Our hope, our strength, our trust is anchored in Him.




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