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IN THE FIRST three months of 2019, including the last month of 2018, I have either buried someone close to me or attended the funeral service of the loved one of a friend.

Death always shocks as it reminds us of our own mortality.

It forces you to take stock. Take another look at your life and place things arrayed back into proper perspectives. Death is the only thing that is sure. We know it will come knocking, but we hope and pray that it comes when we’re old and ‘stricken’ in age. Sadly, it doesn’t always read the memo we’ve written for our lives.

The owner of life knows when. We don’t. What do we do?

We live! We live! We live!

We fail, cry, get hurt, get heartbroken, experience loss, poverty, sickness, wealth and health and then we live again.


Until our time comes, we have the right to live. Today is all we have to finish the ‘why’ we came in the first place.

We have tried yesterday. It worked. Now, let’s try today. We don’t have tomorrow within our grasp yet.

We live today until our why is completed because we don’t know when life will expire and we drag in our first breath in eternity.

All we haveĀ is today.

Live Today!



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