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Let’s Play

Let’s Play

Sometimes God answers our prayers in unconventional ways.


If you think God is conventional, get off that table!

If you become too familiar with God, you know HIM already, get off that table!

If you think you know what and how God will do what He will do, get off that table!

If you think you can predict God, get off that table!

And if you think you’re in a fix and there’s no way God can rescue you, GET OFF THAT TABLE!

That thinking ‘within the box’ about God has got to stop. We will miss God and believe less of His amazing wisdom when we play the limiting familiar game.


Let me share a story with you:


Shortly after my mum died, I was in the kitchen making lunch when my daughter tugged at my sleeve:


“Let’s play, Mummy!” She said. She always likes when we play in her room, with her dolls and other toys. This has got to be the worst moment to play these games, especially not while I was still grieving.


“Why don’t I call Aunty to play with you?” I suggested.


She scrunched her forehead and pouted her lips, “But I want to play with YEW,” she cried out in a sing-song voice.


I rolled my eyes and sighed. I thought of all the chores and stuff that needed to be done in the house. Most of which could wait, but I just didn’t feel like playing. I wanted to be left alone. Those chores were numbing my pain, sort of. They kept me busy and kept my mind off of my pain.


My daughter sagged her shoulders and dragged her feet to her room to play alone. Guilt pricked my heart as I watched her walk away.


Something about the tone of her voice made me realize she didn’t just want to play. She wanted to play with ME. The emphasis was on me. She wanted to spend time with me and I brushed her off. In perhaps ten years time, she’ll be off to University of somewhere and I’d probably be very sad to see her go. She won’t be able to spend time with me anymore like now. All we would have by then would be snatches of moments here and there and gap-filled memories we created together today.


All I have left of my mum is the memories we created together. Our last trip to Ghana and Dubai were the last time we traveled together. It was fun and Mum splurged on my daughter and I. In hindsight, It was as though she was saying goodbye. Now I realise she was creating the last memories for us to cherish. She’s no longer here and all I have left of her are in my heart and in my mind.


I still have my daughter and we still have time, by God’s grace, to create beautiful memories. We take things for granted, don’t we? She wanted to play NOW. She won’t always want to play. And she wanted to play with ME. So I left whatever I was doing and joined her in her room where we braided the hair on two dolls. We used brown and golden yellow threads. It was fun! Momentarily, I became a child again, laughing all my cares away. I had so much fun, I could hardly contain myself. Plus after the whole braiding ‘play’ session, joy washed over me.


I realized then that God used that moment to soothe my pain. It had been a moment in my healing process.  We expect to be healed only on the prayer line, when a minister lays hands on us, or after some days of prayer and fasting. God can use any method and anyone. God used my daughter to help me heal. I stared at her in her happy-go-lucky mood, chatting and laughing and my heart was filled with love, joy, and gratitude.


And I imagined Mum must have looked at me countless times with such an overwhelming feeling of love only a child can produce in the heart of a mother. It felt as though I was seeing my child for the first time. The road to healing may be slow and long, but I sure did feel like God was reaching out to me yet again, to comfort and soothe my pain.


What an awesome God we serve!

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