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THERE’S THIS TENDENCY to believe that when we don’t feel God’s presence during stormy times, God has forgotten us. Perhaps He has forgotten a promise He made so long ago. A promise that had you not written down in this technology age you might have forgotten it yourself.  It’s common to habitually equate and compare our humanity with God’s divinity.

Actually, let me shock you! As we get busy living life, most times beffudled by our many challenges, defeated by thoughts of ceaseless pain without any solution in sight, God is busy thinking about nothing else but us. His thoughts are fixed on us.

His plans include giving us a glorious future and a fantastic end.

Yet, oxymorons stare us in the face. I know!

God’s promises are sure. He never ever fails to deliver.

Does He sometimes in the grand scheme of things forget about us?


He never forgets! He cannot!  You and I are deeply engraved in the palm of His hands. He reckons with our tears. He is touched by our pain. He is eager like the faithful Father that He is, to help us crossover and win.

He will ALWAYS bring us, though through, yet out of our many paradoxes.

Search the scriptures. Nobody who ever trusted God ever failed.

Our only responsibility is to Keep Holding On.

Imagine hanging on to an anchor during a raging storm.  Imagine you see a ferocious shark in the distance. You’re torn between the storm and the shark. Either will be the death of you. An anchor had been thrown in the mix to save you.

What do you do? You grab hold of it. How? With your hands,  your legs, your body, your dear life. That’s how you grab hold of God’s promises. The shark and the storms are the doubts and fear that threaten you to let go. When victory is imminent they harass you and push you to let go of God. Don’t you DARE GIVE UP!

Hold on, you’re almost there!

Almost there!

God is up to something GOOD.

Just keep holding on…, please!


Much love,

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