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How Dare You Be Born!

How Dare You Be Born!


22ND JULY 2013, I woke up to the news!


Prince George of Cambridge was born to Prince William and Princess Catherine, at St. Mary’s Hospital, amidst all the celebrations and pageantry that comes with royal birth.

In contrast, thousands of years ago, royalty was born. The true king of the universe was introduced to the world on a stinking strawy manger without a visible celebratory team or one single paparazzi in sight.

Only a few poor shepherds knew when the King of the universe slipped onto this side of eternity. I am thinking yes, the Angels rejoiced and the Wise Men came bearing gifts, yet at the scent of His birth, someone was out to kill him. He wasn’t being wildly or widely celebrated. Not. At. All. An arrest warrant was pasted all over town. How dare He be born! Herod’s outcry!

The devil was mad! Herod was livid, yet motivated by fear. The two joined forces.

Penultimate to the birth of our King, everything went south.

First, the innkeeper rejected Joseph and Mary an abode. That Inn would have been much more than just a historical site today, but for the shortsightedness of the innkeeper.

Then His birth fell around the census. The hazardous and inconvenient trip to Bethlehem was on a donkey, not on a horse-drawn carriage.


Everything was all so ho-hum. Mundanely bland!


In fact, His birth sent many babies to their death. Would you celebrate such a birth? Would you believe His birth could portend a bright future? Looking through the lens of a mere man, you would probably say it was a cursed birth. Yet, that birth was and is the greatest thing that could, would and has ever happened to life and the entire universe.

I am thinking that what God celebrates don’t necessarily garner the world’s cheer.  I am thinking that when you were born, your family cheered but when you got ‘Born-again’ Heaven cheered. The Angels rejoiced. The devil got mad. There must have been a major placard carrying protest in hell chanting: ‘How dare you be born, a second time?’


How dare Christ be born?

To redeem man and destroy the kingdom of darkness.

How dare you be born?

To fulfil your destiny: To be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish the earth, Subdue the forces of darkness, Have Dominion and Bruise the head of the devil.


It doesn’t matter where you were born; in a filthy or a luxurious clinic.

It doesn’t really matter through whom you were born; a poor farmer or a business tycoon.

It matters that you experience the SECOND BIRTH because then you become true royalty with rights to reign with CHRIST FOR ETERNITY.


  • Biola Oluade
    Posted at 10:21h, 19 April Reply

    Am blessed. Well done Sola.

    • Sola
      Posted at 18:52h, 19 April Reply

      Glad this blesses you, Biola

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