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Can God be trusted wholeheartedly?

Get your copy of ANCHORED BY TRUST and read about these testimonies of God’s faithfulness.




A Review by Ehimen Ikenye:

Asking another human being to trust God entirely and have unwavering faith in Him especially in the face of a hopeless and distressing situation is hardly comprehensible except by experience. In this book, Sola Macaulay presents ten bizarre true-life stories written by ordinary women with extraordinary experiences. Their accounts will leave you with indisputable proof that God can still be trusted and that the battle for faith mostly triggered by our intellect, inabilities, emotions, environment and fear is totally surmountable. The testimonies shared can reawaken dead fires and fill one’s heart with hope, excitement and zest for life. The experiences unveiled are beyond inspiration, they are spirit-quickening. The book does not only shed light on the miraculous hand of God but also teaches practical wisdom on how and when to trust God. A profound exposé on how faith works as ‘the currency of God’s kingdom’ is offered for those seeking for financial interventions through the knowledge of God’s Word. Women, believers and those who are searching for answers, unsure of their trust in God or encumbered with the many blows of life will find this book a liberating and refreshing read; a staunch reminder that ‘trusting God does not mean throwing out our reasoning capacity… [but that] trusting God completely brings complete rest.’



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