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God Broadcast

God Broadcast

THERE ARE MANY roles in life, many masks, many tasks, and many parts. Today, I’d like to take on the role of a broadcaster. I love to broadcast things about God.


I had a chat with one of my sisters from another mother and we talked about what God has been doing through us. We both had wonderful testimonies to share. When she asked me this question, “How’s ministry?”, it threw me for a loop, but I quickly recovered. Why was I taken aback? Because momentarily, I was clueless about what she referred to. I assumed she thought I was now a Pastor or something. When I got my bearing back I laughed because I understood what she meant.


Ministry is not what we think it is.


I know that when we hear Christian ministry we think of the clergy, the five-fold ministry. It isn’t quite like that. Anything and everything you do for God is a ministry.  Whatever the capacity, so long as you have a calling to do it. That’s why I love the story of Stephen in Acts 7:2-53. Stephen wasn’t one of the Apostles. He wasn’t mentioned specifically at any other time until the Acts of the Apostle. He was appointed as a deacon; someone who serves meals at fellowship; yet his rhetoric caused heaven to stop.  Jesus stood up!


It’s never the title or the seemingly more prestigious and important position that constitutes ministry work.


It’s whatever God calls you to do per time that is called ministry. So you don’t shortchange yourself waiting for that day when a man of God will see a vision of you on the pulpit preaching. Occupy whatever space you can NOW for God and ensure you represent God in all that you do.


By the way, I’m in the ministry too. I blog about God. I write books about God. And I am very fulfilled doing what I do.


What about you? How’s ministry? What does God do through you?



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