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I SCANNED THE bookshelf and the moment I read the excerpt of this book, I stopped in my tracks. I could go no further.

Derek Prince asked a fundamental question synonymous for anyone willing and ready to walk deeper with God.

“If God asked you as He did with Abraham, to sacrifice your ‘Pride and Joy’ your ‘Isaac’, could you do it?”

Remember Abraham? A perfect example of someone who served God faithfully yet had to wait twenty-five years for the promised child.  When the child was of a certain age, God instructed: Sacrifice him to Me.

Abraham, without hesitation, psychological musings, logical analysis, and philosophical questions prepared to sacrifice to God the same son he waited many years for. That yielded-nes is what Derek Prince explores in his 93-paged book of powerful and life-changing truths.

On the introductory page, Derek gave a quick summary of the book and why he believed God led him to write it. What jumped out at me was this phrase:

‘There is a place we eventually come to in the Lord, at which we have reached the end of what we can do.’ 

Abraham reached that place where there was absolutely NOTHING he could do to have the promised child except God stepped in. Likewise, Jacob got to that point where he could no longer manipulate his way out of the rut he found himself without God’s help.

In the first chapter, Derek wrote:

Spiritual strength is measured by God and by the scriptures in proportion to the amount that we are able to support and bear the weaknesses of other people.’ 

In other words, to be long-suffering; a rare quality in the world we live in today. In short, get out of your mumu trance and take the I-am-a-no-nonsense-person stance.  We are people who see long-suffering as a foreign term meant to demean us.


The thrust of his book was on denying ourselves, taking on the Spirit of Christ and being willing to yield. He cited two examples of men who yielded willingly in the bible.

1. God asked Solomon, after he ascended the throne, what he wanted to be done for him. Solomon’s unselfish and wise request to rule God’s people with the wisdom required rather than asking for riches pleased God. God honoured his request with major addendums; stupendous wealth. There was never any king as rich and as wise as Solomon.

2. During the squabble for land between Abraham’s herdsmen and Lot’s, a decision needed to be made for the sake of peace. Abraham, though being the eldest, chose to let Lot make the first choice. Lot picked the best land, the well-watered and luscious part. Abraham yielded to Lot and let him have his way. But right after this, the Lord visited Abraham and assured him that his descendants would be as the stars and all the land as far as his eyes could see were his and that basically includes Lot’s land.

Basically, we must get to that point where rather than justle or hustle for certain things, we yield To God. Our yielded-ness is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of complete trust in God.

Another issue Derek highlighted in his book is the ‘danger of grasping for a God-given inheritance by carnal means as we saw in the case of Abraham and Ishmael. Abraham got the promise from God, but rather than wait for God, he decided to ‘help’ God, (Carnal means) by having Ishmael.

Derek made another statement that got me thinking: The biggest test that God ever puts us through is WAITING’.

It is hard to wait on God. Really hard yet it is very profitable to wait when God says wait‘. God wants to take care of our business, but until we yield completely to God and let Him have His way, it becomes difficult to reap the full reward of God’s fullness.

Derek ended the book with a profound statement: LET GO. It may be a gift, a ministry, some special situation that we’re hanging on to, claiming it to be ours. Let go! God will give us the grace to let go. When we let go, we yield our Isaac to Him.

Then and only then can we BE TRULY FREE.


Much Love,

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