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Book Review: Temitope Omotosho

Book Review: Temitope Omotosho

EVERY ONCE IN a while, you read a book that cuts through all the jargon of poetics and complex writing to get to the core of its message. Temitope Omotosho, whilst not shying away from tough issues as she puts her characters through the wringer of real life created people you’d love or love to hate. Despite the juicy and engaging drama, the reader is never swept away from the reality of pain, choices, and consequences each character faces.


Beneath the veil of ordinary romance, she exposes the true romance with our Lord and Saviour Jesus. This for me is the overarching theme of the two books. Aside from unbidden tears, I had many pause moments. It was hard to push past the message of the book, the one of singular love and devotion to Christ, from which every other imperfect love should be founded.


We meet Peju and Abdul, the quintessential love birds who’s romantic love and devotion to each other was thoroughly tested. Just as the other characters of the book who find themselves battling identity, choices, unrequited love, obedience to God and a range of other issues of life.


The ability to juggle a network of multiple characters, keep their voices distinct and unfold their true nature, failures, and growth through dialogue, is perhaps one of Temitope’s greatest strengths in writing. The ultimate of course is the ability to create a complex plot with twists and turns out of simple relatable stories.


This is a book in which you become one of the characters. Their pain becomes yours, their joy becomes yours and their triumph makes you whoop for joy. I loved the metamorphosis of almost every single character in the Book. Change, which was inevitable, unfolded their strengths as well as weaknesses.


Temitope handled some tough issues that made me wonder what the outcome would be. I had nail-biting moments and at the end of the day, it was clear what God’s wisdom was like. This brings me to the fact that though the book is preachy, I was thoroughly schooled in the scriptures and most of all, I fell in love with God all over again.


It will be tough to forget these characters, very tough indeed.


Well done, Temitope.

You have not only written a book that’s entertaining, endearing, romantic and suspenseful, you have also written a book heaven will be proud of.

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