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Be Still

Be Still

This scripture is as much for me and for anyone reading this post who needs encouragement.


God is on the throne and taking care of all of your affairs. No matter how dark and turbulent it is, it does not move God one bit. He knew before your troubles began and He knows you’ll have a victorious end. Simply put your hands in His and let go all your cares and worries.


God is able to bring every promise in your life to pass. God has enough resources to solve your problems. God has all the wisdom required to deal with every issue. He is the master planner and master strategist. He is the great provider. He can move every mountain out of the way. He can move the earth just to rescue you. He loves you, infinitely!


Be still because the expert is at work.
Be still so you can rest.
Be still so you can hear clearly.
Be still you can’t solve all your problems by yourself anyway.
Be still because victory is assured.

Be still.

Please be still.


Love and blessings.

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