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A Cocktail of Ordinariness

A Cocktail of Ordinariness

ORDINARY THINGS HAPPEN every day. Some days get a drop of excitement. Other days get the extra oomph. But this day was so ordinary, I was screaming for some drama. It dragged on excruciatingly slow until my daughter burst into my room after school.


“Mummy, Mummy,” she flailed her arms in the air, “I can’t believe that some people don’t believe that God exists.” Her mouth wide open, eyebrows shot up in surprise.

She’d innocently talked about God with one of her friends and the girl was like “Huh? Who’s God?”


My daughter gasped! Then she launched into a litany of who God is. The girl was confused. She was so sure God does not exist. She’d been brought up not to believe in God. Next day her parents banned her from discussing God with my daughter.


Wowzers!  Like they say in the movies, I did not see that coming!


I mean…whaat? No God? A little six-yr old girl being taught not to believe in God!


Come on now! I felt frustrated yet sad for that little girl. But it’s the parent’s prerogative.


The first thing that amazed me was how the teacher described my daughter in preacher’s mode in class. “How can she say she doesn’t know who God is?” She asked again the next day as we got into the car at the end of the school day.  I was both shocked and proud of her. I was chuffed really. I didn’t even know she was that passionate about God.

How boldly have I declared my stand for God lately? That question woke me up.


The second thing that amazed me was that she was ready to defend her faith, so to speak. She didn’t care that she was in class with other kids gasping at her faith speech. That’s so uncool! She’s usually very quiet and soft-spoken. She just spoke what was in her heart. God bless her!

How much have I cared about what people thought of my faith and my God? How often have I wondered if I was ‘politically’ correct on faith matters?


As I watched my daughter asleep later that night, I sighed! She’d prayed and then sighed deeply, “Ah, Jesus, I so love You.”


Something about children’s innocent faith is so deeply endearing. They accept who God is and though they ask questions, those are often to understand and believe not to ridicule and reject. I believed God more that day. I loved God more too.


I thought no other day could have been more ordinary than that. I loved this ordinary day. I loved that it was a day I saw my daughter’s heart for God.


It was truly an amazingly ordinary day.


“Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.” Psa 126:2

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